Friday, July 6, 2012

Lost 1 stone so far

Down 1st(14lbs) - New Weight 16st 2lbs

For those that are interested.....

My Typical Week has 3-4 days training.

Consisting of:

1hr on Excercise bike and 15min run.  + Free weight home workout.
My weights have progressed from 20lb dumbbell curls to a curl of 33lb.  Typically 8reps for 3 sets.
I combine this with standard press ups 3 days per week...4 sets of 15
Chair Dips 3 sets of 15


On different days I work different muscles.

Yesterday- 60 pressups and Dumbell Chest Press 8repsX3set @ 41lb
3 days ago- Arnold press 8 X 3, DB Snatch 15. Lat Raises 2 X15(Bands), Front Raises


Mon -Friday Diet consists of

Breakfast - Brocolli with Ryvita and Low fat cottage Cheese.  Or a handful of almonds.
Lunch - Fish + Protein shake.  Or Muesli with scoop of whey
Dinner - Normal dinner(Pizza, Fajitas, Risotto etc etc )

Sat and Sunday Diet consists of

Cheat days. Booze + Takeaways etc

However for the next two weeks I am gonna go strict diet to hopefully shift 8lb+  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Down 8 pounds so far

On 16/04/2012 - Weight 240lb
On 03/05/2012 - Weight 232lb

Typical Week - 1 Rest day
Typical Day   -
                         60-90mins bike +
                         15min Run +
                         12X4 @28lb Curls, Hammer, Shoulder,Chest
                         20 Chair Assisted Dips and Press-ups


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Run, Walk, Run

Quads were a bit sore from the exercise biking, so today I floundered round a 1.5 mile circuit in about 16.5mins. Run for 2, Walk for 2. Once finished I hit the dumbells for a few curls, and dumbbell presses then finished with a few chair dips and 150 sit-ups.

Weighed myself post run, and clocked in at 237lbs. Probably be fluid loss.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm back again at 17st 2lb

4 years since my last post and to put it lightly; I have officially let myself go, since I am now topping the scales at 240pounds. I have decided after a few days of running for 2mins walking for 2mins and wiping out at 1.5miles that the exercise bike was the way to go until I am in better shape.

I am now on a Mon-Friday calorie crackdown. No sugary foods or overeating.

My routine for the past few days has been: 60mis on the exercise bike
12reps, 4 set dumbells
200 situps

I will keep you posted with my weight-loss.

Much Love, An Overweight Runner

PS. My Ass is killing me from being in the saddle.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The magic 800m - Lactate Threshold Running Velocity

One of the major predictors of running performance is your lactate threshold:

This indicates the maximum pace at which you can sustain, without a rapid deterioration of speed. This being a direct result of rapid increases in the blood lactate concentration levels.

The 800m is the perfect distance to put such a system to the test, since VO2Max and running economy are not major influences in the 800m.

To illustrate:

My 800m PB - 2mins 07 seconds
My current 800m - 3mins 17 seconds
Ratio: 1.5
My 10K PB - 38mins
My current 10K - 54mins
Ratio: 1.4

This is why even amongst distance runners, the fastest distance runner will also likely be faster over 800m when compared to his or her rivals!

From my own training, I know that at a HR of 170-175bpm. I can sustain my running for 10K without a major build up of lactic acid. At 180-185bpm I will have fatigued rapidly withing 5-10mins.

It is also worth noting that I didn't really write down my times, or have a record of all my PB's. This is generally because when i got them i always assumed that i would be faster next time!

So even although I am looking towards the half-marathon, the track sessions will still be an important part of my training.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Men's Health 10K 2008 (mhfs) Race Report

The "Men's Health 10K 2008"

race went without incident, my hamstring held up fine. I ran steady 8:50min/miles and completed the course in 54:09, well within my 56mins target!

The course isn't a fast course, and has a few small hills and narrow passages. Many people refused to run the hills, which further slowed me down! I had one incident where i ripped my number and had to stop and reattach it. But to be honest I wasn't that bothered about a second or two or ten.

Legs are a bit still a bit stiff, so i'm taking a day off before my hill sessions on Arthur's seat tomorrow.

So my next race is the St Andrew's Hospice 10K Road Race, on Sat 23 Aug 2008, held in Strathclyde Park. This is a FAST FAST course and is perfectly flat! So I am aiming for sub 48mins for the next one!

My weight is sitting at 14st 3lbs and i aim to break the 14st barrier by this coming Sunday!

Friday, June 13, 2008

1.5 Mile Run

Well my Hamstring still ain't, right!

So I decided to go a "fast" 1.5 mile run yesterday to see how likely it is to hold up for the 10K. In the end I went round the 1.5miles in 11 mins, which works out at 7:30min/mile pace. Though I found even the slightest incline difficult! Looks like Monday's hill session is still in my legs!

I'm not too dissapointed with that, and will aim to keep my pace for Sunday's 10K at the 9min/mile average. After 8K i'll take it from there!

Tonight's plan is to take young nephew to the track, jog round one 10min/mile, then do a fast mile on my own. Then that's me 'till Sunday.

BTW.... My weight is currently 14st 5lbs so i doubt it will be any different by Sunday!